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About Us

About Us

Who Are We

Chunkay is a Women-Owned, Open-air Restaurant featuring an Authentic, Modern Trinidadian Cuisine. 

Our Menu is crafted by our outrageously talented Chef Wendy, who uses traditional scratch cooking techniques and skills, and loves the flame! Chef Wendy fuses ethnic herbs and seasonings to evoke tasty flavors in her Curries and Rotis, Fresh Soups and Salads, Rice and Noodle Bowls and “Trini” Street foods, like the famous “Doubles”.

Chunkay started off as a Ghost Kitchen in 2020, using it’s Proprietary Web Application; and have since grown into a restaurant. 

We pride ourselves in fulfilling our customers needs by using fresh, quality, ingredients….our food is Morish!

Our Mission is to Unite Foodies and introduce our Trinidadian Cuisine to The Palm Beaches

Wendy and Evita’s marriage inspired Chunkay’s formation, combining Chef Wendy’s exceptional Skills with Evita’s diverse business expertise to form Chunkay, meaning; Saute in Trinidadian dialect.

Our cuisine represents Trinidad’s multicultural society inclusive of Indian, African, Amerindian, South Asian, Chinese, Arab, Spanish, British, French and Dutch cuisines.